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Colored wood chips mulch produced by Aggregare Ltd. is made in a special way from 100% organic materials and is used to cover the soil surface between plants, as well as for placing in furrows between seed-plots and for covering tracks, playgrounds, pots and paths. Colored wood chips mulch performs both decorative and practical functions, providing conditions favourable for plant growth and preventing the growth of weeds. 
  • Fractions 20 mm - 40 mm
  • Reduces the volatility of water from the soil surface
  • Strengthens the planting areas of flowers and shrubs
  • Reduces the spread of weeds
  • Holds its colour for at least 2-3 years sovereign remedy against soil erosion
  • Helps to save water
  • Restrains soil temperature
  • Promotes the growth of microorganisms in the ground

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