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Pine bark mulch - fine fraction

Such mulch of fine fraction provides the best coverage of soil and perfectly enriches heavy clay soil,
improves water absorption, stability of humidity and soil temperature, provides processes of biological activity and increases the content of natural minerals. The fine mulch mixed with the soil makes the soil more friable, improving the circulation of air in it. The particle size allows the mulch to decay quickly enough, enriching the ground with humus. Plantings can be mulched with two kinds of mulch - mulch of coarse and fine fraction. In such a case, at first a layer of fine mulch is laid on the soil to decay, as well as to promote the activity of microorganisms and improve the structure of the soil. In turn, the coarse mulch is laid out as a second layer, due to which sharp temperature fluctuations in the upper layers of the soil are reduced, protection of the plant roots from frosting is provided, as well as dirt entry is prevented when it rains.