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Substrate for fruit trees

Aggregare substrate for fruit trees is a special mixture, which includes peat, granulated pine bark with the addition of dolomite flour, as well as additives of mineral fertilizers and microelements. The mixture is suitable for immediate use and cultivation of plants. The structure of the substrate ensures the normal development and growth of fruit trees and shrubs. The original composition of the substrate provides good contact with the roots of cultivated plants, ensuring good rooting.
Usage: For fruit trees - for apple trees, pears, plums, as well as for vine shoots, etc. (10-20 kg should be applied per one plant), and for berry bushes - for red and black currant bushes, gooseberries, raspberries and other shrubs (5-10 kg should be applied per one plant). The substrate can also be used to improve the soil and mulch at the trunks of fruit trees and shrubs (up to a density of 2 cm - 6 kg / m2).