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Substrate for orchids

Aggregare substrate for orchids is a special mixture of granulated pine bark of medium-fine and fine fraction, which can be used for orchids from the group of epiphytes (Phalaenopsis, Miltonia, etc.). The substrate is fully suitable for the immediate cultivation of the said orchids. The chemical composition of the substrate completely ensures the development of plants, the access of nutrients to the roots and the optimal aeration of the plant growth medium. Using Aggregare Substrate for orchids cultivated in the soil (Cymbidium), it is necessary to add peat and sand in the following proportion - substrate: peat: sand - 5: 4: 1. After planting, the first additional fertilizing should be done after 12-15 days, and then every 1-2 weeks. For additional fertilizing, it is necessary to use a fertilizer specially designed for orchids containing all the substances necessary for plant growth and development. When growing a plant, one should not forget about the humidity of the air, light and temperature regimes.