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Universal substrate

Aggregare universal substrate is a special mixture consisting of peat, granulated pine bark with the addition of dolomite flour, as well as the addition of mineral fertilizers and trace elements. The mixture is suitable for immediate use and cultivation of plants. The structure and composition of the substrate ensures maximum contact with the roots and seeds, and thanks to this - good growth and development of cultivated plants. The Aggregare universal substrate is perfect for improving the structure of the soil. In addition, it has bactericidal properties.
Usage: It is used for growing vegetables, flowers and ornamental plants in the premises, on the balcony, on the terrace or directly in the soil (on the field or in the garden). Aggregare universal substrate can also be used to improve soil and mulch, by dispersing it on the soil (up to a density of 2 cm - 6 kg / m2) with further processing into the soil or without it.