SIA “Aggregare” production plant is located in the green Sēja region. The factory is equipped with modern equipment, packing lines and hoists. Spacious industrial and warehouse premises provide production opportunities throughout the year.

The raw material for the production of pine bark mulch is purchased from wood processing companies throughout Latvia. Only Class A pine wood is used in the production of mulch. High-quality pine bark mulch is obtained by cleaning the pine bark from impurities in the wood particles, then grinding it, sifting it, drying it and carefully sorting it into three different fractions – coarse, medium and fine.
Apart from grinding, sieving, drying and sorting, the mulch produced by SIA Aggregare does not experience any other human intervention. It contains no dyes or other chemicals and is completely natural. The finished mulch is packed in easily transportable packaging – in 50 and 80 liter bags – and loaded into European pallets.

Pine bark mulch

Mulch from the pine bark, produced by “Aggregare” Ltd., is a natural mulch material, which is made exclusively from the bark of local class
“A” pine wood.

Colored mulch

Non-ferrous tree wood chip mulch is especially made of 100% organic materials to be used for covering the surface of the ground.

White peat

Aggregare white peat is used as growing media, so far no adequate replacement for peat has been found.

Pine cones

Pine cones (40-90mm)